About PUMC Youth Ministry

About Us

We are the Youth Group of Poughkeepsie United Methodist Church.  Contained within this site you will find information pertaining to the things we do and what we are about.  Read below to learn more about us and about the people behind the curtain!


After doing an informal survey we realized that there are over 10,000 middle school and high school students in our area.  We also realized that there are only a handful of youth ministries in the area that have at least 40 active students.  This brought upon the realization that there are thousands upon thousands of students in our area alone that are living their lives without Jesus Christ in their lives.  Our vision is to reach those thousands upon thousands with the message of Jesus Christ by empowering our own students to actively reach out to their peers.

Youth Ministry Leadership

    Youth Director: 
        John Marrine
        Phone - 845-452-2933 ext. 12

    Junior High Leaders:
        Pam Terwilliger
        Sarah Hicks
        Jonathan Albertson
        Jeff Hart

    Senior High Leaders:
        Patty Little
        Bridget Marrine
        Nancy Marrine
        Andrew Irkliewskij
Contact Information

If you'd like to learn more about our group, please use the contact information below:

Phone:  (845) 452-2933