PUMC Youth Ministry - Programs


If you are new to the area or have been here for a while and haven’t really found a place to connect with other students, then look no further!  The PUMC Youth Group has some awesome events throughout the year where you can find a place to belong.

YF (Youth Fellowship) – This happens on Sunday nights from 6pm-8pm throughout the school year.  This is the place where we journey with our students through this chaos we call life and help them connect with God.

TGIF (Teens Gathering In Fellowship) – This happens once a month on the 1st Friday of the month.  It is a chilled and informal time of hanging out and other fun stuff.  This is a great place to meet some new people or just hang out with old friends.  At times we do off-site events such as bowling or roller skating.

SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES – Once a month we try to organize a service opportunity for our students.  We try to instill in our young people the value of looking beyond themselves and serving others as Christ did.  Some examples of these are: volunteering at a homeless shelter, Midnight Run, stocking up the pantry at Dutchess Outreach, etc.

SENIOR HIGH AND JUNIOR HIGH RETREATS – There’s nothing like getting away during the busy-ness of the school year to re-connect with God.  Each year we have 1 retreat for Senior High students, 1 for Junior High students, and 1 for both combined.  Read on below for more information:

  • JUNIOR HIGH RETREAT @ LAKE CHAMPION – Each year in October we make our way to Lake Champion in Western New York.  Lake Champion is a retreat run by Young Life and provides a weekend program that is high energy, fun, and spiritually challenging for Junior High students. https://lakechampion.younglife.org/Pages/default.aspx
  • SENIOR HIGH RETREAT – Each year in October we take our Senior High students on a home-grown retreat to Bowdoin Park Maple Knoll Lodge.  This is a retreat that our adult leadership plans on its own and focuses on empowering our students through great worship times, powerful teaching and incredible workshops.  We also get the opportunity to let loose and have some fun. http://www.dutchessny.gov/CountyGov/Departments/DPW-Parks/PPbowdoin.htm
  • TACONIC RETREAT – In February we team up with other local churches and put together an awesome retreat experience for our students.  This is usually held at Taconic Retreat Center in Milan, NY and we can usually count on over 100 students in attendance.  It’s a great time to meet new people from other schools and experience some great worship with a guest band and speaker. http://www.taconicrcc.net/

MISSION TRIPS – Our youth group takes 4 mission trips every summer.  We believe in Christ’s commandment to go into all the world.  While we spend the year serving our own community and surrounding areas, we like to give our students the experience of going out and seeing things from a different perspective.  Currently these are the trips we take:

  • BRIDGE BUILDERS - Through this program, which was originated by PUMC, youth from local churches in the area combined skills and resources to perform mission work in and around the Poughkeepsie area. This is an excellent example how churches can come together, regardless of denomination, and work towards a common goal to better the community in which we all live in.   http://www.hvbridgebuilders.org/   
  •  M-FUGE – This is a mission camp in Philadelphia were we meet up with youth ministries from around the country to serve in the city of Philadelphia.  http://www2.lifeway.com/fuge/
  • MEXICO OUTREACH – This is our international mission where we give our students the experience of another culture and the opportunity to serve the people of Ensenada, Mexico. http://www.apu.edu/mexout/
  • VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL - Youth help to lead and administer the the daily message and associated crafts and games at the annual PUMC VBS.

MISSION LUNCHEON – Every year in the Fall we have a Missions Luncheon to share with anyone who is interested about our experiences during the summer mission trips.  This is a great time of fellowship through the sharing of a meal, pictures and stories of how God changed lives through the trips we take.  This is also a great time to find out more information about our future plans for mission trips and how you can get involved.

KICK OFF AND END OF YEAR PICNICS – Each year in September and June we have a huge church wide picnic to kick-off the youth ministry year and end it.  This is a time when our students get to share with the church and the community how the PUMC YM has impacted their lives.  We usually have some great food and games for everyone!  Keep an eye out for exact date and time and make a plan to join us!

CHRISTMAS BALL – Every year before we break for Christmas we throw one last hooplah!  Our Christmas Ball is one of the most popular events of the year.  It is a time for our students to dress formally, eat some great food and dance the night away!  Our wonderful adult leaders work tirelessly to decorate our hall with an awesome Christmas theme each year.  Be on the look out for exact date and time and join us this year…I promise you it will become a permanent event in your calendar!

INFORMAL HANG-OUT TIMES – Relationships are key in any youth ministry and they’re usually built outside of the 4 walls of the church building.  That’s why we like to go out and meet students where they’re at.  From going to the movies, to sporting events, to concerts, and anything that sounds like a blast; keep looking out for any events coming up.